Netquest was founded in September 2001 aiming at the provision of quality services and products and the development of integrated and specialized solutions in the field of Security and Communications.

Since then, by continuously expanding its targets in the areas it is involved in and investing in new technologies, it has had a rapid course of development, which has made it a leading force in this sector and has given it the ability to provide full coverage for the security and communication requirements of any business' working environment.
Telecoms & Networking
Design and implementation of integrated telecommunication solutions, through excellent know-how and professionalism at every stage of the project's realization.
Security Systems & Electrical Installations
Since its foundation, Netquest has offered its services in the sector of Service Provision in the best possible way, becoming thus one of the most dynamic and evolving companies in the field of electronic security and protection.
Σχεδιασμός & Ανάπτυξη Software
Installation and arrangement of integrated antenna systems of all types as well as satellite systems, ensuring the permanent and long-term implementation of an efficient and reliable operation of the reception and distribution system of the television and radio signal.
Our company is active in the safe-keeping and protection of photovoltaic parks and up to now has made excellent and very efficient collaborations throughout Greece.

Our know-how in this field, combined with the best and most reliable product series we provide, ensures the maximum security of your premises.
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